Effective Business Communication Skills

This course familiarizes participants with the importance of good communication skills relative to the types of positions they hold. Key points include: the communication process, required listening skills, recognizing non-verbal communication, understanding factors that influence communication, delivery techniques, and etiquette. During the workshop, participants will be exposed to a variety of different communication media, as well as different tools and techniques to help them make their messages more meaningful and powerful. Participants will also learn the basics of grammar and proofreading, complaint resolution, and verbal professionalism by participating in a wide range of different activities, role plays, and discussions.

Assertiveness Skills

This training course involves participants in realizing their own rights and the right of others in the workplace. Practical activities allow delegate to practice expressing their views, opinions and ideas and to listen to the views, opinions and ideas of others.

Business Writing

This one-day class emphasizes basic writing skills, writing letters and reports, and writing letter proposals and formal proposals.

Negotiation Skills

This course covers fundamentals of negotiation. Students learn to establish agreements, research the other party, prepare for an agreement, conduct a negotiation, and apply advanced negotiation tactics.

Stress Management

This training focus attention on stress management, specifically how to find a level of stress that is not only manageable, but useful for you, and how to avoid stress beyond that level. You will also learn the basics of good emotional health, how to improve your self-image and become more self-aware, and how your emotional health ties in to your physical health.

Effective Supervisory Skills

This is a two day customized course that covers supervisory management skills. Participants will learn how to become effective managers, coach employees from diverse backgrounds, negotiate, use verbal and non-verbal communication tools to motivate and empower their teams.

Time Management

Effective time management is a fundamental personal and professional skill and with increased productivity as the central challenge to business today, those who manage their time successfully can contribute more effectively and with a clearer direction. In this course, you will learn to evaluate your own time challenges, establish realistic work and life goals, correct time-wasting behaviors, delegate successfully and manage stress. With this new information and using these time-tested techniques, you will develop practical strategies to meet the challenges of today’s work environment, especially information overload, electronic communication, team-based workplaces and meeting schedules. Most important, you will create and implement your own time management plan to balance the demands of work and family life. This course gives you the tools you need to master your time management problems and retain a healthy balance in your personal and professional life.

Leadership & Managing Conflict

This is a two day course that covers leadership skills and managing conflict. Participants will learn how to become effective leaders, coach employees from diverse backgrounds, negotiate, use verbal and non-verbal communication tools to motivate and empower their teams. This course also familiarizes participants with the basic skills required to resolve conflict in managing day-to-day business relationships.

Presentation Skills

This course offers a step-by-step approach to planning, preparing, and delivering presentations to both large and small groups. Practical tools include a planning worksheet where you'll evaluate your audience, define your objectives, choose the right format, select and organize information, and identify where and how to use presentation aids. A preparation worksheet will lead you through each step of your presentation, from preparing your opening and writing transitions to planning your questions and answers (Q&A) and troubleshooting possible problems. You'll learn strategies for effective delivery, including tips on using body language, communicating and listening successfully, and obtaining feedback. In-text exercises enable you to pull the pieces together and practice the skills you need.

Team Building

Group is just people working together. A team is pooling the unique skills and insights of every member to achieve common goals. That's why team building is one of the most essential ways to boost productivity. Learn how to build effective teams from the ground up and then manage everyone's efforts to maximize results.

Customer Service Skills

This is a two-day workshop that provides an introduction to customer service and telephone skills. The workshop also covers working with unhappy customers and exceeding customer's expectations.

Recruitment & Interviewing Skills

Based on proven techniques and packed with practical information, this teaches managers how to structure the interview, spot exceptional candidates, and hire only those who will add value to the business.

Finance for Non Finance Managers

A general understanding of Finance for Non-Financial Managers is needed in any business environment where individuals have to manage budgets or costs or to take responsibility for revenue or expenditure. With the increasing emphasis on business results it is necessary for every manager to know and understand some of the techniques and actions necessary to ensure that their unit achieves its objectives both in terms of task and also in terms of financial goals. This two-day course is designed to enable individuals, through a series of exercises and inputs, to gain better control over the finances involved in their job.

Sales Skills Basic

This 1-day course covers fundamentals of sales, developing a professional sales image and character, handling clients, and delivering sales presentations.

Sales Skills Advanced

This 1-day course covers advanced sales topics, such as gaining customer commitment, studying the market, developing a winning sales strategy, and effectively closes a sale.