Microsoft Excel VBA Macros

Who Should Do This Course?

This course is intended for current Microsoft Excel users who wish to automate their regular task with the help of macros.

Students should have already completed Excel 2010 Level 1 to 3 course.

About The Course

This course covers how to create macros, create button & coding to automate regular tasks.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Record the macros
  • Can create buttons & QAT to run the macro
  • Delete & change the shortcut of the macro
  • Write his own code to automate the regular task
  • Will be able to write the code for consolidating multiple sheets or files.

Each student will receive

  • Softcopy of training manual
  • 3 Months FREE email support for queries

Duration: 2 days


Ramzan Rajani (Microsoft office specialist & Microsoft certified trainer)

Unit 1
  • Recording & Running Macros
  • Creating Button to run the macros
  • Correct methods of recording macros
Unit 2
  • Overview of Excel VBA Editor
  • Adding & Deleting Modules
  • Sub & End Sub
Unit 3
  • Protecting your Macro Codes
  • Working with Workbooks & Worksheets
  • Understanding Ranges coding
  • Declaring Variables
Unit 4
  • Using IF & Multiple IF in macro
Unit 5
  • Understanding Looping
  • Practically using looping in macro
Unit 6
  • Taking Backup of Modules
  • Debugging Code & Break Points
  • Commenting Codes
Unit 7
  • Creating Message Box for interaction
  • Using different types of Message boxes
  • Using IF Condition in Message Box
Unit 8
  • Creating Interactive user forms
Unit 9: Bullet-proofing your Dashboards
  • Formatting regular reports
  • Auto Filtering & Separating Data
  • Consolidating Multiple Sheet into one
  • Consolidating Multiple files into one
  • Creating application in Excel