Microsoft Excel for HR Professionals

What this is about?

A quick-start Excel workshop designed for the HR professional. Backed with relevant HR examples so that you can understand and apply them in your HR work immediately.

What problems it solve?

HR professionals deal with personnel records in one way or another. Conventional Excel training outlines are too perfunctory and do not address the specific needs of HR professionals.

How can I apply it in my work?

  • Handling huge lists of HR information in Excel. The most natural information you will deal with are personnel records. You will be shown how to load massive data into Excel, sort and filter this information to make sense of it.
  • Essential Excel functions Being familiar with a useful library of Excel functions allows you to present data backed results to your management.
  • Presenting Summary Reports We will show you how to create a quick summary report from a huge list of records using Excel’s Subtotals, and PivotTables.


Participants should have working knowledge of basic Excel functions, formulas and number formatting.

Duration: 1 day / 2 days

Course contents can be customized according to the requirement


Ramzan Rajani (Microsoft office specialist & Microsoft certified trainer)